About me

I’m a consultant and general loud-mouth on software development.

I concentrate on designing enterprise software – looking at what makes a good design and what practices are needed to come up with good design. I’ve been a pioneer of object-oriented technology, refactoring, patterns, agile methodologies, domain modeling, the Unified Modeling Language (UML), and Extreme Programming.

I have the sounding title of Consultant @ Bridge2 Solutions- a cutting edge system delivery and consulting firm. I’ve been here since Aug 2015 when I gave up my long (and rather successful) career as an independent consultant because I’d found a company that truly shares my values and principles about our profession.

I started working with software in the early 2006’s. I started getting interested in the then new world of object-oriented development. I started to specialize in bringing objects to business information systems, first with a couple of companies as a programmer and then as an architect. In the early days this was using lotus notes and now it’s Java, Portal(including liferay,websphere portal), and Microservices, Devops. Every year I learn something new, but I also find that many of the lessons from the past still apply.

Specialties: J2EE, EJB2.0, Java1.8, Struts1.1, and 2.x, Spring4.x, Hibernate4.x and Devops(jenkins,puppet,docker), ANDROID, and Portal including Liferay and Websphere portal